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  • Sonicthehedgehog315

    Good news! I'm not leaving!

    • Astronaut Hedgehog Dude: HD can triple jumps in mid-air and can fly in the sky. He weilds a lasergun that shoots enemies, works on any enemy. He is powered by an Astronaut Suit.
    • Light Hedgehog Dude: HD is slower and has lighter attacks. HD can fly really fast (5 times the speed of light), he isn't strong enough to really carry anything. He is powered by a Light Emerald.
    • Bumblebee Hedgehog Dude: Hedgehog Dude can fly a bit. Hedgehog Dude can stand on flowers. His weakness is water, wich makes him revert to normal or swimvery awkwardly, and can cling to honey walls. He is powered by a Bee Ring.
    • Biddybud Maro: Hedgehog Dude can fly for about fifteen seconds and reverts back to his normal self if he touches the ground.
    • S…

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  • Sonicthehedgehog315

    I might leave Wikia, because you users completely all went to the Tails Doll Wiki and were blocked, all of you. But its my fault, I should went there and helped before, I used to be trustworthy, but now LostGod2000 won't even accept me. If anyone wants to make it up to me, you can tell LostGod2000 or someone to let me into the wiki. I can help. 

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  • Sonicthehedgehog315

    I have some bad news. SonAmy623, just died today. They said she collapsed while she was on the computer. Her last words to me in the hospital were "Good bye, Skylar.". I say this so we can remember her and how great she was to us. Doctors aren't sure how she died. My own sister dead.

    Dear sister,

    you were great o this wiki, you quit in honor too. Anyone who ever knew you was lucky to have known you at all before your unexpected death. Never to be disturbed at all, dear sister. You were great to all of us, me, and all of our relatives love and will miss you. Please have a nice life in heaven, I'm sad that you are, but at least you went to a special place and in your pemanent sleep. Please don't be disturbed, Rest in peace.

    Your brother, Skylar…

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  • Sonicthehedgehog315
    • Scarlet Blast: 
    • Cerulean Speed:
    • Navy Violet Galaxy:
    • Vermillion Jet:
    • Dark Blue Thunder:
    • Light Green Plane:
    • Light Brown Quake:
    • Black Invisible:
    • Grey Rock:
    • Gold Torpedo:
    • Silver Shadow:
    • Bronze Raven:
    • Beige Desert:
    • Turqoise Crystal:
    • Lavender Diamond:
    • Aquamarine Water:
    • Dark Green Meteor:
    • Heliotrope Helicopter:
    • Wisteria Magic:
    • Maroon Fire:
    • Amaranth Lava:
    • Azure Ice:
    • Charcoal Metalloid:
    • Blank ?:

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  • Sonicthehedgehog315

    HD Dimensions is Coming!!!

    • Regular Hedgehog Dude can transform into a core united "ghost", some call him Ghost Hedgehog Dude.
    • Red: Explodes, can blow up, and find new paths. This Hedgehog Dude is slow and has shorter jumps. His personality is filled with anger and won't stop until his enemies go down. He can do a Fire Attack and Fire Dash.
    • Pink: Sharp attacks, curls into a ball and is able to speed up. He is a little slow when he runs. He crashes into walls with his head to break them and wall jumps higher. He can do a Spike Attack and Spike Dash.
    • Yellow: Makes Hedgehog Dude faster, but can take damage more easily and can not defend himself. He is the fastest form and can outrun anything, including bosses. He is the weakest form in the game in…

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