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Speedy the Hedgehog

Speedy the Hedgehog is one of the protagonists of the Sonic Ultimate, Hedgehog Dude, and possibly Sonic series. He is faster than Sonic. Even though Lightning Dude runs very fast as Speedy, Speedy has proven to be faster than Lightning Dude. Speedy runs fast, but seems to be smarter than Jawbreaker the Cat. He is voiced by Roger Craig Smith in the games, Erin Matthews in Hedgehog Dude Adventures, Joseph Jackson in Hedgehog Dude X, and Jason Griffith in movies. He is slightly less lazy than Sonic, because he's always in a hurry to capture a villain. He is always determined and confident about certain things, similar to the flying legend, Rainbow Dash. He has a large family, but they are all passionate about different things


Speedy had two parents, his mother and father's names remain unknown. His brother's name is Speedic and Brother Speedy. His sisters are Speedia and Sister Speedy. He alsdo has a cousin named Cousin Speedy and grandparents named Grandma Speedy and Grandpa Speedy. His uncle and aunt are Uncle Speedy and Aunt Speedy. He has a great grandfather Demoleedy, who was horrible at every job he was given.

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