Sonic and Tails compete in a racing battle at Jack Kitty's Palace.

Part 1Edit

Sonic boosts in front of Tails. Tails is right behind Sonic. Tails throws a chili dog at Sonic. Sonic dosen't see it coming. It spins him out for 3 seconds. Sonic was exactly about 2 seconds behind. Tails gets spent out by the cats' claws. Sonic remains 1 second far in front of Tails. While Sonic was in last before Tails got spent out, he had been saving a golden dash for when he got in 1st place and since he was in 1st, he used it. Tails used a chili dog which didn't work. They both are at the same angle. Sonic used a fireball and threw it at Tails. It spinned him out for 4 to 5 seconds. Tails used a rocket to throw it at Sonic. It spinned him out for 6 seconds. Sonic then got a second behind.

Part 2Edit

After Tails threw a bomb at Sonic, Tails remained 2 seconds far is front of Sonic. 8 laps later almost at the finish line, Tails laughed at Sonic for struggling. Sonic used an all-star move: Super Sonic and it was tied.

(Tails was cheating.)