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Sonic the Werehog
Sonic the Werehog
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 15
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 4'1"
Weight 110 lb.
Name Unknown
Also known as Unknown
Species Unknown
Gender Unknown
Bithdate Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Ability Type Unknown
Family Unknown
Voice actor Unknown
Japenese voice actor Unknown

Sonic the werehog is a playable racer in Megaracing 3.


He was created as a form in the beginning of the Sonic Unleashed Cutscenes. He fell out of the sky,along with the seven Chaos Emeralds, when he met Light Gaia (a.k.a. Chip). He always turns into a werehog at nighttime.


Sonic the Werehog appears in Megaracing 3 as a new character. Werehog Sonic is a playable character and his vehicle is the Midnight Mangler and Dark Tread.

Speed: 60/80



Accel: 57/80


Boat Handling: 35/80

Plane Handling:68/80

Item Skills:80/80