The Sonic Generations Movie HD44:36

The Sonic Generations Movie HD

In the 2011 film, Sonic and his classic self will save their friends from their cruel places, they have been put in, right?

The Sonic Adventure Movie HD-002:14:21

The Sonic Adventure Movie HD-0

In 1998, playing as the sequel to 1996's Sonic the Hedgehog, this movie is: Sonic encounters a giant blue monster that emerged when Tikal's tribe attempted to destroy the big emerald 4000 years ago, it's back now and is causing havoc and we just know Eggroll is behind it.

The Sonic Adventure 2 Movie HD-002:12:48

The Sonic Adventure 2 Movie HD-0

In the third film released in 2001, Sonic encounters a mysterious black hedgehog causing havoc, but later, something worse comes along as Eggman's grandfather Doctor Gerald tries to crash his territory into the Earth, will Sonic save them from this threat?

The Sonic Colors Movie HD36:09

The Sonic Colors Movie HD

In the 2010 sequel, Sonic encounters a planet with a beings called Wisps, will he stop Eggman from using the Wisps against him?

The Sonic Unleashed Movie (2008)01:10:57

The Sonic Unleashed Movie (2008)

Here's for the 2008 movie, Sonic Unleashed, in this film, Sonic turns into a howling beast.

Super Smash Bros Brawl (2008) Movie57:59

Super Smash Bros Brawl (2008) Movie

In the 2008 sequel to Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, Sonic is featured in crossovers as a newcomer. Watch him battle his way through it all!

Sonic the Hedgehog - The Movie OVA HD54:33

Sonic the Hedgehog - The Movie OVA HD

This is the first ever Sonic movie to come out, it may be old, being out in 1996, but it's very entertaining.

Sonic Lost World - The Movie (2013 UNCUT)31:30

Sonic Lost World - The Movie (2013 UNCUT)

In the 2013 sequel, Sonic is back to journey to the Lost Hex and rise over the Deadly Six.

The Sonic and the Black Knight Movie HD42:02

The Sonic and the Black Knight Movie HD

In this awesome 2009 sequel, Sonic is back for a middle-aged adventure as a knight. Will he succeed as usual?

The Sonic and the Secret Rings Movie41:21

The Sonic and the Secret Rings Movie

In the sequel to the 2008 film, though coming out before it, Sonic's on a new adventure for the World Rings.

Shadow The Hedgehog (2005) - Movie01:09:22

Shadow The Hedgehog (2005) - Movie

In 2005, the sequel of Sonic Heroes rolls out, ae you excited, Shadow fans? Shadow's own film!

The Sonic Riders Zero Gravity Movie HD37:52

The Sonic Riders Zero Gravity Movie HD

If you like Sonic Riders, here's another one. Serving as a sequel to Sonic 06, you'll love it.

Sonic Riders Movie HD (2006)36:57

Sonic Riders Movie HD (2006)

In 2006, another sequel is ruling out, with Sonic encountering Jet, a hawk who tends to boast about himself, and he thinks he's faster than Sonic? Is it true?

The Sonic The Hedgehog Movie HD01:59:54

The Sonic The Hedgehog Movie HD

In 2006, the sequel to Shadow the Hedgehog rolls out, but excuse the graphics, they've become a little Sonic Adventure-like.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Movie (UNCUT)01:56:12

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Movie (UNCUT)

In 2006, you know that Sonic 06 film, well, here's an uncut version, you'll finally get to see the mistakes, or you may like it better than the new one. Who knows?

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