This is a Roleplay on Megaracing.

Part 1Edit

I "I like racing better." Sonic said. LD and HD say they like it too. "I like flag person." Ebonathan said. Nathan said he liked audience. "How about we have a race to see which is better." Hedgehog Dude said. " BIG BRAWL, I agree with Hedgehog Dude." Lightning Dude said. Racing Team: Hedgehog Dude, Lightning Dude, Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, Chip, Primo, Simon; Flag team: Ebonathan, Nights; Audience: Goofball Jackson, Nathan, Goofballette, Knucklehead McSpazatron! Shar McButthead.

Part 2Edit

Lightning Dude is in first place. Sonic is in 5th place, he throws a chili dog at Knucklehead M. Hedge hog Dude throws a Quantonium at Nathan. Hedgehog Dude is in 1st place. Chip is in 2nd place. He throws a Quantonium in his mouth. He becomes rainbow and is invincible. Lightning Dude boosts in front of Chip after he loses the power of Quantonium. Lightning Dude is in 2nd place. A lap later, Sonic is in 3rd place. Sonic rides his kart throughout the race without being hit by anything. On the last lap, almost at the finish line, Goofball Jackson's kart was so slow, people caught up with him. Hedgehog Dude uses his all-star move. He's in front of Goofball by 1 minute. Hedgehog Dude wins the race.