The roleplay begins in the race sidelines. The characters and racers were talking.

Part 1 Edit

  • LD: Hey, everybody. I'm here.
  • Knucklehead McSpazatron: I'm a total spazz as usual. 
  • HD: Shut up already, you've been talking apast an hour. Will you just the shut up the fudge up?
  • Jawbreaker: He talks too much.
  • HD: He's been saying the same thing for a past an hour and 59 minutes, make that 2 hours!
  • The Cat: Hey Tails!
  • Tails: Blah blah blah blah blah blah.

HD has been practicing "blah" talk and now Tails is copying him doing it.

  • HD: blah blah blah blah!
  • Tails: What's that mean?
  • HD: It means, "shut up".
  • The Cat: OOOOOO!!!! BURNNNN!!!!
  • Spiral: Guess who????
  • LD: (with little excitement) Who?
  • Pac: Us!!!!!!
  • Sonic: Pac! Guys!
  • Jawbreaker: Long time no see.
  • HD: Why are you guys here?
  • The Cat: Tell me about it.
  • Pac: You guys wanna race?
  • HD: Something to do.

Part 2: The RaceEdit

The racers get ready to race. Goofball Jackson joins and so does Cylindria. The race starts, Sonic goes for an item box. Hedgehog Dude beats him to it and everyone else gets one. Sonic backs up to get one, he gets a Lightning Shield and shoots lightning to the Cat, then 'Lightning Dude, and lastly Goofball Jackson and then Goofy Jackson joins. The Cat gets an All-Star Move, he scratches Jawbreaker's vehicle, making his vehicle a little slow. 'Sonic' gets an All-Star move and turns Super Sonic and shoots rings at them and gets in 2nd.

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