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Sonic and Tails are at the beach, waiting for Eggman's next evil pan, so they can defeat him. Until then, they are relaxing, or so they think.....

Tails spots a huge sign on the road they were currently traveling on. Tails reads it, saying, "Eggman's Grand Prix Racing Tournament". Tails then says, "Sonic, Sonic. Look at the sign! Eggman is planning a race with all the fastest runners or drivers around here! This is a great opportunity for you to show your true speed and compete with the other great runners, or driver racers!".

Sonic thinks for a second. He's the world's fastest runner or so he thinks, but he is not really interested in participating in races. Something on the sign catches Sonic's eye, however. Small words on the sign say "EGGMAN'S" above "Grand Prix Racing Tournament". Dr. Eggman is hosting, and his robots are participating the grand prix racing tournament. Sonic dashes off in the distance. "Wait, Sonic, hold on, wait for me!", Tails shouted for his friend as he dashed off. Hedgehog Dude can be seen following Sonic among the trees. Amy, who is shrunken by one of Tails' inventions, the Super Shrinkinator, is in Tails' backpack.

Miles above the sign, a spy satellite focuses on Sonic and Tails. Dr. Eggman snickers in delight, saying "Now that you have fallen into my trap Sonic, I will acquirethe Chaos Emeralds and destroy you at the same time. With my new and improved hover machine and these new and improved robots and/or just new,". Below them, Metal Tails, Metal Knuckles, Metal Shadow, Metal Rouge, Metal Sonia, Metal Manic, and Tails Doll, and their eyes glow. "Nothing can stop me, hahaaaaaha." Little does Sonic know Eggman has rediscovered the chaos Emerald (which are in Forest Mobius, planted in a lifeless place.

Knuckles is told by Lightning Dude that Sonic is participating in another very important race, Lightning Dude joins the race alongside Knuckles.

Game ViewEdit

Megaracing R had came from Sonic R. It als requires Tails Doll, Metal Tails and Metal Knuckles. It requires almost all of the other Sonic characters that appear in Sonic R also Lightning Dude and Hedgehog Dude appear in Megaracing R. Tails Doll, Metal Knuckles, Metal Tails, Lightning Dude, Jawbreaker the Hedgehog and Cat, and Hedgehog Dude but Hedgehog Dude is the fastest in the game. Therefore, the most difficult character to unlock.