Jet the Hawk
Jet is Sonic's rival in the Sonic Riders series.
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 14
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 3'3"
Weight 72 lb.
Name Jet
Also known as Legendary Wind Master
Species Hawk
Gender Male
Bithdate Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Ability Type Speed
Family Unnnamed father
Voice actor Unknown
Japenese voice actor Unknown

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Jet first appeared in Sonic Riders (2006). Jet was known as "The Legendary Wind Master". He's the fastest person in Sonic Riders. But when it comes to running, he's not as fast.


He appeared in Megaracing 3, his first appearance in Megaracing series. His kart is Green Grinder.

Speed: 72/80

Declaration: 8/80

Acceleration: 53/80

Item Skills: 33/80