Sonic Unleashed Secret Cutscene Sonic and Chip01:43

Sonic Unleashed Secret Cutscene Sonic and Chip

One of the videos I added so you can tell what Chip's attitude is.

You might know Chip as a funny, cute to some people, chocolate-loving creature. So maybe you can tell what
Sonic Unleashed - CHOCOLATE!!!00:25

Sonic Unleashed - CHOCOLATE!!!


his attitude in Megaracing 3, 4, and 5 is!

On the trackEdit

Every racer in Megaracing 3 has voice bits from real games. here are some of the voice clips you'll hear Chip say in the game:

Ha ha ha ha!!!!!!

Want some chocolate?

  • groans*

Can't.... eat.... another bite.

The Sonic Unleashed Movie HD01:10:57

The Sonic Unleashed Movie HD

Another video.


Bottom line, Chip's attitude in Megaracing 3, 4, and 5 is not race-worthy and good. But I put him in the game anyway.

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